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I Suddenly Feel Conspicuous

With Just A Twinge of Cosmic Angst...

My name's Hollie, and I come from "Sunny" (yeah right) Southend in England. I've got an awesome sense of humour (or so I've been told, through an abundance of giggles) and I've got an obsession with Doctor Who. And, in the space of three sentences, this has become stragely like a corss between a Dating Agency Profile, and message to an Agony Aunt of some sort.
Moving swiftly onwards.
I don't quite know why I decided to sign up to Live Journal. Boredom? Macros? Doctor Who? Quite very certainly possible. Maybe. Like I said, I''m not entirely sure...perhaps.
Other than that, my Journal's nothing special. Bit of this, bit of that, bit of me. Nothing special. BUT, I have become rather fond of doing Doctor Who and Torchwood Macros, so I'll most likely waste the rest of my life laughing over them. Either way, there are plenty of people in IhasaTARDIS who would gladly do that with me.
I shall never feel alone again.